70 VAS (~$30) + 20 VAS per referral

70 VAS (~$30) + 20 VAS per referral

About VAS Block :

VAS Block is a Value Asset Depository Service Chain. First of all, if it is to support the trust service of digital materials and real assets of all value and to place the real estate on the mainnet, it should establish a consensus through the supernode or proxy node, and jointly conduct an audit, monitoring and due diligence on the actual assets. Asset Trust and Block Chain Management will work together.

Start to Participate airrdrop by following simple task :

Visit VAS Block Telegram BOT

Follow on twitter and (optional retweet the pinned post 10,000 Vblock token will be devided to all users who made to retweet, please dont forget to comment your vblock wallet)

Join in Vblock telegram Community and announcement

Download VasBlock to get your own Vasblock address

Submit your detail in form

Also 20 VBlock Token Every Successful Invitation

Website : https://www.airdropmmo.tk/ Make money online| Earn Crypto for free| AirdropMMO

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