TNC airdrop 1000 TNC ~ 265$/no ref

TNC COIN is the Ultimate Blockchain for the Game Industry TNC Mainnet is a blockchain dedicated to the game industry. It is engineered toward the demands of innovative gaming developments.

Already Listed on Coinmarketcap

TNC Coin Airdrop

Reward: 1000 TNC (260$) as per current Value NO REFERRAL

Step-by-step guide:

1. Join the Airdrop page

2.Join the telegram

3. Follow the facebook

4. Follow the twitter

5. Follow the Instagram

6. Follow us linkedin

7. Subscribe the youtube

8. Download the Aladdin pro app

How to Get Your TNC Group Token Wallet Address
1. Open your Aladdin Pro wallet and click the Settings icon on the upper right.
2. Click “Manage Tokens” and type “TNC Group Token” on the search bar.
3. Click it to include the token on your Aladdin Pro wallet dashboard.
4. Go back to your wallet dashboard and click TNC Group Token.
5. Click on the ‘Receive’ button and copy your wallet address on the top.
6. Copy and paste your TNC Token Wallet Address on the form.
7. Submit your Airdrop entry!

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Website : Make money online| Earn Crypto for free| AirdropMMO

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