Schilling Coin (SCH) — Round 2

50 SCH (~$5) + 50 SCH referral bonus

About schillingcoin :

What is SCH Coin?
Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency born in Austria. In a few steps to digital money. Fast, secure and 100% anonymous.
Android application
Lucky loop free spin
Earn upto 5k SCH coin daily by our lucky loop spin
We are already listed
!!!!Exciting news we are going listed soon!!!!

How to join airdrop:

Register on Crex24 website + Verify your email

Login and search for your SCH deposit address under ‘account’

Open Schilling Coin Airdrop form

Join Schilling Coin Telegram group

Join Schilling Coin Telegram channel

Join Telegram channel partner

Join Channel notification

Submit SCH wallet address to the form

Website : Make money online| Earn Crypto for free| AirdropMMO

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