LSVDefi Finance get to 0.25 ($30) LFI Tokens by joining our bounty And 0.025 LFI tokens for each referral.

LFI tokens are already listed on Uniswap Exchange And will be listed on the Hotbit exchange on November 16th.

LSVDefi is a new version of Litecoin SV (LSV) that will be used to increase LSV price. When users stake LSV it will be locked for a certain period, after the end of the staking period users can unstake their LSV.

Everyone can get an LFI token as a reward for LSV Staking. The platform enables users to withdraw their initial staked token and income via LFI Token which can also be exchanged to any Cryptocurrency.

Rewards will be distributed on January 15, 2021 and 1,000 people will be rewarded in this bounty.

1.Start airdrop bot

  1. Join LSVDefi on Telegram group and channel.
  2. Follow LSVDefi on Twitter and Retweet pinned post.
  3. Submit your ETH address and other details.
  4. You can get 0.025 LFI tokens for each referral and up to 10 referral,rewards will be distributed on January 15, 2021

Note:We will manually check the participants, Mandatory tasks must be completed, Unfinished will not get any tokens.



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