Get 500 ATFi(50$)limited to first 2000 participants

1 min readDec 1, 2020



About ANTIFIAT: ANTIFIAT is against fiat, Banks & Federal reserve. It is an Erc20 token with the algorithm to reward farmers on a daily bases as well as to burn 0.5% of supply daily until 50% of total supply is burnt. When you buy ANTIFIAT, you just don’t buy a token but you hold a share in supply. With every Burn, the supply decreases and the value goes up, AND HOW MUCH UP WILL IT GO? Join us in this experiment and let’s figure out the future together.

Step by step guide:

  1. Go to airdrop form
  2. Join our telegram group and channel
  3. Follow twitter and retweet recent posts
  4. Submit you ERC-20 wallet address
  5. Also get 75$(UHIVE token) if you download app and signup

Airdrop is free, don’t send your fund or private key to any people.That’s scam.

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