Get 20000 XLMG ($30) + 3400/Ref(Already Listed CMC)

Local Stellar Airdrop (100000% Legit)

Local Stellar Airdrop

Already Listed CMC (Don’t miss)

Reward : 20000 XLMG ($30) + 3400/Ref

Wallet : Stellar (if you don’t have stellar wallet, create one here)

Step by step guide:

Join Local Stellar Airdrop Bot

1.Join Telegram

2.Follow Twitter

3.Follow Linkedin

4.Like Facebook

5.Submit Stellar Wallet

Note : Stellar BlockChain need at least 1 XLM For active wallet.if you not XLM right now Don’t worry you can join now then XLMG Distribution Before you can deposit XLM For active wallet.(1 XLM so cheap)

You can also use your Keybase Stellar Wallet Address from preview Big Airdrop

Website : Make money online| Earn Crypto for free| AirdropMMO

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