Get 200 ZINCUM ($66) and 150 ZINCUM each refer(listed exchange)

Nov 16, 2020



ZINCUM coins are already traded. Any time you can convert your ZINCUM coin. Price 1 ZINCUM = $0.33. Token distribution will begin on November 30

All zincumChain technology is built on the new Minter Network blockchain. Minter is a blockchain that allows you to create, transfer, exchange currencies instantly and without restrictions between them, exchange for Bitcoin, Ether and even USD.

ZINCUM coins are traded and have liquidity:

Step by step guide:

  1. Start airdrop bot
  2. Follow official Medium account
  3. Join Minter Community
  4. Create wallet and send your BIP (Minter) address to receive a reward
  5. Invite friends and earn 150 ZINCUM ($50) for each friend

How to create a BIP wallet in the Minter Wiki

If you have any question, please ask in telegram group and channel




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