Get 2 TAB(10$) and 0.1 TAB each refer (Tabank round 2)

Tabank round 2

About Tabank : TABANK is big project in 5 areas
- Banking: save and lending p2p
- Social networking
- E-commerce in realstate, services: hotel, traveling, pharmacy, …
- Cryptocurrency Exchanges
- Cryptorcurrency Wallet
We in ICO now for Investors and will list to exchanges on 08/2021 with TomoDex, Vindax, Latoken, ProBit, ….and list to Coinmarketcap soon.

  1. Start airdrop bot
  2. Sign up at the Tabank website (0.4 TAB)
  3. Join group telegram chat and channel (0.8 TAB)
  4. Link our facebook page (0.2 TAB)
  5. Follow our Twitter page (0.2 TAB)
  6. Share private sales link on your facebook and twitter (0.4 TAB)

Airdrop is free, don’t send your fund or private key to any people.That’s scam.

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