Get 0.1 $YFW for completing tasks and 0.02 for each valid referrals.(1 YFW = 0.15 ETH on Uniswap listing)

Yfiworth finance

1 YFW = 0.15 ETH on Uniswap listing.
For Completing the tasks — Get 0.1 YFW
For Each Valid Refer — Get 0.02 YFW

Airdrop Rule:

1. Participants must complete all mandatory task.

2. Use of bots and multiple entries will attract disqualification.

3. Participants must remain in the subscribed channel till the end of the airdrop campaign.

Step by step guide:

  1. Start Airdrop bot
  2. Join Telegram Group and Channel.
  3. Follow Twitter and Retweet Pinned Post.
  4. Submit your detail to airdrop bot.
  5. Refer friend for more reward.