FinNexus airdrop campaign

1 min readDec 24, 2019


About FinNexus:

FinNexus is the new open finance protocol being built on the Wanchain blockchain. It is a hub for connecting different decentralized ledgers to each other and users, and also for connecting with traditional finance applications.

The team for this project is from Wanchain and is highly known in the crypto space.

How to join campaign :

Visit Airdrop campaign page

Join Telegram group.(Optional + 10 FNX)
Follow on Twitter.(Optional + 10 FNX)
Follow on Medium.(Optional + 10 FNX)
Download Wanchain wallet here.
Submit Wanchain address and details.
You will receive 30 FNX tokens.
Note : Limit 2,000 participants.

Token distributed in February 2020




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