Emirex Airdrop

2 min readDec 21, 2019


Emirex has prepared some good stuff for you guys — US$ 200 000 reward pool.


*If you are not permitted to interact with cryptocurrency (receive, store, transfer, etc.) by the law of your country, you should not participate in this airdrop and you should not continue using this bot. Otherwise, the responsibility for any consequences rests entirely with you.

*1 person = 1 registration

*Software emulators, bot or multiple registrations, … are not allowed.

*If a user gets referrals through purchase, such user and all his referrals will be canceled.

*We will check all the tasks you complete. Cheaters will not get any tokens.

*Do not unsubscribe until you receive your reward.

*If you have any queries regarding current airdrop, please join and put your questions on that group.

*If you properly fulfill all Airdrop conditions, you will receive 18 EMRX (≈$7.2) and 7 EMRX (≈$2.8) per each referred friend.

Airdrop tasks:

- Visit Emirex Airdrop bot

- Join our Telegram group and channel (mandatory, +5 EMRX)
- Register on the website (mandatory, +5 EMRX)
- Follow us on Twitter. Like and retweet 1 tweet with comment (+5 EMRX)
- Follow us on Instagram. Like 2 posts (+3 EMRX)

Before distributing tokens, we will verify your details and may recalculate your reward. Follow the rules if you want to get tokens. If we find any suspicious activity — we will ask you to send your ID.




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