Ecoin Airdrop 500 Ecoin + ref +25 Ticket — 40$ canbe withdraw instant if you lucky

You can draw with ticket and if lucky you can earn 10k Ecoin (40$) can be withdraw and trade on probit Exchange

Ecoin x4 price on probit exchange

Airdrop still going.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Signup for an account at Ecoin Website
  2. Verify email and mobile number FOR FULL VALID ACCOUNT
  3. You’ll earn 500 Ecoin and 25 Ticket for draw (can be earn up 10k Ecoin)
  4. Share your referral link for more Ecoin and ticket
  5. Tip: Only email and mobile number, so you can cheat any more if you want (fake IP or turn on/of Airplane mode)



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