Earn 40 ULI Token ($4,000) Listed Uniswap

Oct 22, 2020


Uli token — Uniswap

UniLiquidity (ULI) is a Decentralized finance (DeFi) 2020!

Uniswap (Trading) ULI/ETH

Etherscan (Token Explorer) ULI Token

Earn 40 ULI Token ($4,000)

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1.Join telegram channel

2.Follow Twitter and retweet pin post

3.Answer question

Answer :
1. 1.000.000 ULI
2. Hayden Adams
3. $27.147.XXX.XXX

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And earn 40 ULI ($4,000)

ULI token recipients will be strictly selected, requiring 3–6 working weeks! Free distribution, no fee or other (beware of scammers)

We will announcement the distribution date!

Airdrop Update

Hello UniLiquidity Community

We will updates for airdrop and plans for distribution to participation!

Airdrop end 15.11.2020
Airdrop distribution 1.12.2020

Distribution plans:
1.Month 1 we will distribution 40ULI for 1,500 addresses ULI Token

2.Month 2 we will distribution 40ULI for 1,500 addresses ULI Token

3.Month 3 we will distribution 40ULI for 2000 addresses ULI Token

Distribution process is done in stages, only honest participants will receive ULI Tokens.

Total Supply UniLiquidity (ULI) Token For Community Airdrop is 20%