Dot Wallet airdrop 0.001 BSV+ 0.001 BSV/ref + 0.0005 BSV/ref level 2

Dot wallet airdrop 0.001 BSV + 0.001 BSV/ref + 0.0005 BSV/ref lv2

Already listed many exchange

Top 5 coinmarketcap

You will earn up to 100000 SAT if you sign up for Dot Wallet

Link airdrop : Go to airdrop

  1. Sign up and verify
  2. login and choose “ A secret to get free BSV ”
  3. Invite friend for more BSV

Withdrawal amount is 50000 SAT at least, withdrawal can be made once a day, withdrawal approval time 1–7 working days.

Website : Make money online| Earn Crypto for free| AirdropMMO

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