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CashBackPro introduction

This is the smart shopper point earning program based on technology platform 4.0 and Blockchain technology application , and applied on e-commerce platform to bring convenience to users. It is for both buyers and sellers. The sellers can easily search and deploy sales programs to the consumer community. And the consumers can easily select suitable products and receive points to be able to redeem rewards or the corresponding amount of money.

A Cryptocurrency of the CashBackPro project — CBP

CBP is a Cryptocurrency of the CashBackPro project. This is a global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. This is a market-based ecosystem where buyers and sellers meet to make transactions related to financial, service or product.

CBP is a smart contract built on the ERC20 technology platform of Ethereum. ERC-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain

Development roadmap

+ Stage 1: Solution and technology research
+ Stage 2: System building
+ Stage 3: Community building
+ Stage 4: Point-based online shopping platform implementation
+ Stage 5: Network expansion

Programs in the CashBackPro project

+ X10 investment program
+ Affiliate marketing program
+ VIP membership program

Receive 100$ In CBP Token

Visit site and Signup

Verify email and login

Set Up Trading/Transactions Password

Everyday You Will Receive Few CBP In Your Wallet

Refer friend for more reward




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