Brosispay airdrop 100 BSPAY ($30) and 5 BSPAY each referral.(Listed Pancakeswap

About :

Brosispay is a decentralized network spread out across computers in different locations, there is no single point of weakness vulnerable to security breaches.

You can get to 100 ($30) BSPAY Tokens by joining our airdrop And 5 BSPAY tokens for each referral.

1 BSPAY= $0.3

BSPAY tokens have been listed on Pancakeswap Exchange.

Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your wallet address on April 30.

How to claim Brosispay airdrop :

Start airdrop bot

Join telegram group and channel

Join sponsor telegram channel

Follow twitter and sponsor twitter

Submit your Bep20 address (BSC smart chain)

Also refer friend for higher reward

Note : if you submit wrong data, please send email to to change it.




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