Bankiom Re-listing Signup Bonus 20$

About Bankiom

Discover the MENA region’s first challenger bank

Banks are not on our side — with the hidden fees, long queues and unnecessary products, banks have made it harder for us to get ahead.

That’s why we’re building a digital banking app you’ll love. One that works for you and puts your needs first. This is what Bankiom is; a new kind of digital banking app designed to provide the money management experience we all wish we had.

Enjoy an easy-to-access, secure and helpful online banking experience from a company that believes in you, grows with you and secures your financial future.

1. Bankiom is asking to join the wait list again as old list is no longer valid.

2. Visit Bankiom here.

3. Enter emaill address and click REQUEST EARLY ACCESS



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