Affiliate Tamodo website? Is Tamodo a scam? Make money with Tamodo

The fever of investment in Tamado project is becoming more exciting than ever before the days coming to the new year 2020.

Today, we have no access to . And many of you have raised questions about whether Tamodo is a scam? Review Tamodo website? Make money with Tamodo.

And to answer this question, let’s go into the following analysis and review article. To make a decision should you join to make money with Tamodo project !

Review and review of Website Tamodo

In this first part, you and I will go together to analyze and Review Website Tamodo is safe and the Trust (reputation) from the Website is letting us participate in the project or not?

First, visit the website This is a reputable website, specializing in analyzing and evaluating the power of websites: traffic, hosting, IP, revenue, access sources, …


Here, have added site for analysis. Here, you need to pay special attention to the following indicators:

+ Daily Visitors (Traffic in a day): reaching 72,580 visitors.

+ Monthly UniqueVisitors (Traffic in a month); The total number of visitors a month was 1,741,920 people.

+ Page Per Vist (Frequency of a person coming back to the page): 1.3 times -> This number is very high, guys.

+ Daily Pageviews (Number of page views in a day): This number is 94,354 views.

Table of user-accessible data from countries

This is a table of user-accessible data from countries.

-> Because this project is too Hot. The bandwidth of the project is not yet optimal and is in the process of being optimized. Traffic congestion should occur. According to the latest announcement of Tamodo will complete the upgrade of the system and the floor in the morning; You are completely assured to continue the battle.

Hosting location

Here, you can view the Hosting location of the Website on the map. It can be concluded that this is absolutely the official website, with very high transparency and legal.

Accompanied by detailed information in the country and the name of the specific location on the map

-> Based on this you absolutely can be assured of the Trust of this Website.

Domain age

Domain age is one of the very important indicators; You should not ignore when analyzing and reviewing a webstite. Here, you can see:

+ Domain Created (Domain Creation Date): On September 1, 2017

+ Domain Age (Age Domain) : 2 years 4 months 15 days

Based on analysis and evaluation of all above indicators. can conclude that this is a very reputable and built website in the long term.

-> Tamodo project’s goal is to develop and expand the system into the largest Affiliate Marketing playground in the world.

So you feel secure and jointly develop the system with Tamodo project.

Click here Make money with the Tamodo project now

+ 90% profit commission: The commission rate is extremely high; this means that when c ó investors $ 1,000 -> You will receive commission immediately and always 900 $.

+ Project Tamodo is for everyone who wants to make money from MMO

+ Cookies stored within 360 days: This is great, isn’t it. Because when someone clicks on your Affiliate Link. They will be saved Cookies but ignored or not interested. But after a period of time, if this person comes back to buy or invest, you can count and earn from the system commission.

  • Special, referral bonus up to 7 Level

Tamodo payment gateway

Currently, Tamodo supports people to trade and withdraw immediately. with Min withdrawing is $ 10.

The main payment gateway: Bitcoin, Paypal, Moneybookers, … In addition, if you are abroad, you can withdraw money directly to your bank account.

This is proof that his brother successfully pulled the money back; through Paypal payment port very fast.

So what are you waiting for without registering and earning a hand now with the Tamodo project


Here VietAff would like to close the article Review website Tamodo? Is Tamodo a scam? Make money with Tamodo.

Making its comments, this is an extremely potential project , promising to boom strongly in 2020. The system is still in the process of completing and expanding the bandwidth.

At this point, you can feel secure and continue fighting with Project Tamodo . To earn $ 0.25 / 1 Signup & Bonus Level referrals up to 7 floors again “No need to invest any capital” .

If there are any difficulties or problems that prevent you from making money. Please comment below, we will assist you immediately.

Website : Make money online| Earn Crypto for free| AirdropMMO

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Website : Make money online| Earn Crypto for free| AirdropMMO

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