Juiice is a social media platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain that rewards creators and influencers with user-generated viral content. Juiice allows its users, content creators and advertisers to make money by uploading their thoughts, photographing their memories, or sharing videos. The platform allows users to directly reward content creators as well as being paid for playing daily web games. Read more on ICO Announcement website

Token Information:

Token Name: JUI

Token Type: ERC-20 Ethereum

Total supply: 50,000,000,000 JUI

Token Price: $0.0002

How to join airdrop:

Please do the tasks below to get up to 75,000 JUI

Visit Juiice Telegram Bot

Join our Telegram group (Mandatory; 15,000 JUI)

Follow our Twitter and retweet the pinned post. (Mandatory; 15,000 JUI)

Sign up on our website (Optional; 20,000 JUI)

Follow our Facebook (Optional; 15,000 JUI)

Join and read Juiice review on the ICO Announcement channel. (Optional; 5,000 JUI)

Follow ICO Announcement Twitter and retweet their review about Juiice. (Optional; 5,000 JUI)

You can get an additional amount of. 7,500 JUI ($1.5) for every valid referral.

Juiice is running a Bounty at the moment. The total bounty pool is 1,250,000,000 JUI ($250,000). You can earn extra tokens by participating in the bounty here

Website : https://www.airdropmmo.tk/ Make money online| Earn Crypto for free| AirdropMMO

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